Special FX Make-Up & Prosthetics Workshop

This weekend I spent a day at The Biz Media Make-Up and Hair Academy with make-up and effects artist Jennifer Lenard in Swadlincote. We started with some basic bruising on the hand and progressed onto more technical gore.

Jen would show you first how it’s done on yourself or another victim of the class. You will feel slightly lightheaded when she’s separating the silicon from the skin to make a realistic cut.


Rock Poster

The Rock Film

Originally the working title: The Rock Film, now officially named The Rock Film after weeks of brainstorming rock related metaphorical or should I say, ‘metamorphic’, titles is almost done in its post-production. Just a few sound problems, of course.

Spy rocks used by the British to spy on the Russians is where the idea came from. Our Rock is retired from all of that though, thank God. Uri, a shy and lonely little guy could do with a friendship. He had his eye on the girl across the street more so than a talking rock, however.


I, Cinna (The Poet) with The Royal Shakespeare Company

This project aimed to showcase how social and digital media could be used to bring Shakespeare up to speed with todays culture through the new ways of viewing content.

And it was successful. Kids liked it!

Shot on a RED Epic, thanks to Rob Mcgroary, in a great location, again thanks to Rob Mcgroary. Although it was immensely cold but a really fun week filming.

“The aim was to bring theatre online and give students aged 11 to 16 the chance to participate in a real-time nationwide project in which they could interact with thousands of other students.

The project showcased how digital and social media could make the arts more engaging and far-reaching. (www.ja.net)”